Veteran owned and operated, NoFilm Photography is just one man, his wife, his cameras, and his passion for taking photographs. I'm Ty and this is my wife Courtney, together we life in the lovely state of Maryland and do what we do best... Live, Laugh, and Love!

I have been behind a camera since I was around eight years old, learning the photography trade craft from my mother while using a Canon F-1 35mm camera. Since then I have inherited an Canon AE-1 Program and bought a Canon T-70 and a T-90. My newest edition to my collection is my Canon Pro DLSRs for photography and film-making. I have traveled to various locations in the world and every place I have been to one of these cameras have always been at my side.

I love to shoot all types of photography from sporting events, to weddings, to landscapes, to close up portraits... anywhere because the world is my studio! I have fun when taking photographs and I'd like to think I have a natural eye for the pictures and film I capture. Please take a look around and see how I view the world though my camera lens.